Things to do in St Moritz

You can never get bored of St. Moritz as there are plenty to do for all types of personalities and budgets. Besides the famous winter sports for which the town is renowned for, on this page you find some alternatives.


Stay Active in St Moritz

St Moritz is the ideal setting for an active holiday. There are plenty of activities to do for people of all ages and fitness level.

The adventure-seeking can sledge down Muottas Muragl on a 4.2km-long track that starts at the summit and winds down.

You can dice with danger on the Cresta Run, the private men’s club that invites members and non-members to do a run and provides training for beginners.

The St. Moritz Tobogganing Club has organized the Cresta Run for more than a century. The Cresta is one of the fastest toboggan tracks with a tradition of more than a century. Tobogganing down St. Moritz’s Cresta Run makes skydiving look like knitting. This activity was formerly reserved for men only but since 2018 the Cresta Run is open for all people again. For details visit, the official page.

If seeking thrill is not on your to-do list, you can play golf at the century old Kulm Executive Golf Course or ride horses at the Riding Centre in the summer or in the winter on snow.

Anybody should follow one of the hiking routes in the spectacular Engadin Valley and admire the scenery, one of the most beautiful mountain sceneries in the world. Walking across St Moritz Lake and Lake Staz is also a must.


What To Do in St Moritz

Via Serlas St Moritz

Via Serlas

Via Serlas is found in the centre of St. Moritz Dorf. Although it is not a large shopping street, many worldwide famous brands can be found here from Gucci, Chopard, Zegna or Chanel.​

Berry Museum Art Museum

Berry Art Museum

Visit the Berry Art Museum where you can admire the collection of physician and painter Peter Robert Berry.​

Olympic Ski Jump St Moritz

St Moritz Olympic Ski Jump

The 90-meter ski jump was built in 1926 for the 1928 Winter Olympic Games. Until a few years ago national and international competitions were held here. Today it is mostly used for training. It can be found approximately 2 minutes from the entrance of St. Moritz Bad, at Lej Marsch.

The Trambänkli

St Moritz had the first electric tram in Switzerland. The Trambänkli is a former waiting station for the tram, now used as a bus station.

What To See in St Moritz

St Moritz Leaning Tower

Leaning Tower

The leaning tower in St. Moritz is situated across from the Kulm Hotel. It was built in the 12th century as part of the St. Mauritius Church. It is 33 meters high and to this day is one of the landmarks of St. Moritz.

Chesa Futura St Moritz

Chesa Futura

The Chesa Futura is an extravagant apartment building. It was built by the famous British architect Lord Norman Foster and combines futuristic designs and traditional building materials. The kidney shaped building hosts 10 luxury apartments and can be seen in St. Moritz village, valley behind Chantarella web.

Heidi Hut

Heidi Hut

The story of Heidi told by Swiss author Johanna Spyri is well known across the world. The original motion picture from 1952, Heidi was partly filmed in the Engadin, and today you can find her hut above St Moritz Dorf, in the Salastrains. The hut can be visited freely.

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